Cooking for One - How to Make it Fun

Cooking for one is the single person's dread. The effort... oh... the effort... But statistics show more people are single than ever before. Being solo shouldn't take the joy out of something that should be fun. Thanks to cool markets - and.... wait for it... Instagram... singles are taking back the kitchen. Are you single? Here are some tips to make cooking for one, fun.

1. Get on Instagram

If you aren't on Instagram, get on it. Begin following devoted cooks who take beautiful pictures and get inspired. Here are some of our favourites The Lemon Apron, The Spicy Olive, Almond & Fig.

2. Create a Cooking Bucket-List

Create a list of all the dishes you want to learn and make. Consider it a cooking bucket-list. Every month (or for the devoted foodie, every week!) check a new dish off the list. Make sure to circle back every now and again, so you feel confident making your favourite dishes on a whim.

3. Buy Some New Dishes

They say you eat with your eyes first, and it's true. When you make a meal and it looks beautiful, it's an even bigger sense of accomplishment. Head out to your local kitchen store or hit up antique markets to find unique dishes for plating.

4. Explore Local Markets

Visiting local markets makes cooking an even bigger adventure. Whether you explore your local Asian market or just spend more time perusing your usual grocery store, spend time getting to know new (and common!) ingredients. It adds to the fun of cooking for one.

5. Research, Compare, Experiment

Cooking on your own gives you time to research. It allows you to experiment without consequences of ruining dinner for your date. Research different recipes, compare ones that seem to use different ingredients. Taste, taste and taste. When you're cooking for one, take your time and experiment with flavours and measurements.

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6. Make a Day of It!

Make yourself a nice cocktail and make it a full day event. Or perhaps take an at-home cooking class with The Chef & The Dish and video conference a chef from around the world to join you. Whatever you choose, make it an event you plan and anticipate.

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7. Find Your Inner Photographer

You put all that effort in, so make sure to capture your meal! Stage your food photos with good lighting, and interesting props like napkins, wine glasses, wood boards and ingredients.

8. Post Your Food Pics

It's not really about likes or comments, but it certainly can add to the fun when cooking for one. Post your solo dinner pictures for the world to see, tag a friend and tell them they need to come over next time, and hashtag the heck out of it!


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