Ultimate Foodie Bucket List - Part 2

Bake Bread

26. Bake Bread

There is nothing like making your own bread - even if just for the wonderful smell in the house! This is a must-do at least once in every food lovers kitchen.

Build an Epic Cheese Plate

27. Build an Epic Cheese Plate

Aside from being Entertaining 101, it's the easiest answer to making an elegant lazy night dinner. Know how to select your cheeses, what to add to the plate as perfect accompaniments like apricots drizzled with honey, or foie gras... and finally, know how to make this plate look like one delivered from the Gods.

Celebrate a food tradition that isn't yours

28. Celebrate a Food Tradition That Isn't Yours

One of our missions is to preserve authentic dishes around the world along with cultural traditions. This year we're tackling a traditional New Orleans King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras. This simple cake is baked with a baby (plastic baby, that is) inside. The person who gets the slice with the hidden treat is said to have a lucky year. What a cool tradition to bring home. There are many wonderful food traditions across the world associated deeply with holidays or important moments in a culture. Go all out and celebrate a food tradition that isn't yours.

Pick your own fruit

29. Pick Your Own Fruit

Bring the kids and pick your own berries, apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, or whatever is grown nearby. It's a day long adventure with tasty rewards.

Dine at a nice restaurant all alone

30. Dine Alone

Overcome that fear. Eating alone allows you to appreciate your surroundings, focus on the food, and your inner thoughts. It's a fantastic experience and one everyone should have. So book the best table at a nice restaurant and plan to have a multi course meal alone (put away the phone please).

Find your signature soup

31. Find Your Soup

If you venture to take a Japanese Cooking Class with Chef Yoshimi Daido, Japanese instructor with The Chef & The Dish - Miso Soup will become your new home staple. Maybe lentil, french onion, or mushroom soup is more your style. Every cook needs to have their home soup recipe. Experiment with your favourites and perfect your go-to's. Make a lot and freeze for a quick and cozy meal. Done, and done.

Bake Bread

32. Bone a Fish

The ability to debone and fillet a whole fish is a great skill to have. If you end up on a deserted island, you’ll be happy you did this one.

Build an Epic Cheese Plate

33. Order Dessert First

Why not a dessert for an appetizer? Canadian grocer Loblaw One of Loblaw's, a Canadian grocer’s food trends of 2018 is occasional indulgence. So go ahead, indulge in something we always asked for as kids and have dessert before dinner.

Celebrate a food tradition that isn't yours

34. Learn How to Cook a Whole Chicken

The meal that keeps on giving. Depending on how many people you’re cooking for this could be dinner and next day’s lunch, not to mention you can also make an awesome stock. Check out this Singaporean Chicken Rice Cooking Class and you’ll be poaching a whole chicken in no time.

Pick your own fruit

35. Make Your Own Salad Dressings

SO EASY! From fresh herbs to good olive oils, you control what is going into your dressings. Once you start doing this, you’ll never buy dressings off the shelf again.

Dine at a nice restaurant all alone

36. Go on a Wine Tour

If you’re travelling, make sure to check out a vineyard in that region and if you’re not, explore local wineries! They usually have daily tours and sometimes hourly. Make sure to ask questions and learn a little something.

Find your signature soup

37. Try a New Vegetable Every Week

There is no need to keep going back to the same carrots and potatoes. Add new varieties to the mix and grab that weird looking vegetable you always see at the grocery store and experiment.

Bake Bread

38. Make it Extra Spicy

Spicy food is fantastic for your metabolism. So why not be a bit while and make it extra hot this time.

Build an Epic Cheese Plate

39. Have a Picnic

Theres nothing quite as lovely as a summer day and eating watermelon outside. So grab a blanket, head to the park and don’t forget the frisbee.

Celebrate a food tradition that isn't yours

40. Eat 20 Varieties of Rice

It's said there's over 40,000 of cultivated rice that exists. So, 20 is nothing. Rice is one of the most important staples in every part of the world. With every region having different specialities native to the local soil. From its an aromatic basmati, Jasmine from Thailand or a chewy black rice, you’d be surprised how different they are.

Find your signature soup

41. Make Ice Cream

It's easier than you think! Get creative with flavours and ingredients like pretzels, graham crackers and coffee.

Dine at a nice restaurant all alone

42. Eat Latkes during Hanukkah

These potato pancakes have been prepared as part of the Hanukkah festival since the mid-1800s. Shredded potatoes mixed with flour and traditionally fried in schmaltz which is rendered fat from chickens, geese, or beef, latkes are still a staple during the holiday season but now more commonly fried in olive oil.

Find your signature soup

43. Up Your Knife Skills

How good is your claw? Good knife skills not only prevent accidents but also increase efficiency in the kitchen. One thing is for sure, having a good knife makes a world of a difference.

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Bake Bread

44. Go to Aperitivo

Make this Italian tradition one of your own. In Italy this pre-dinner snack is a wonderful way to relax after a long day of work. Can’t make it to Italy? Take one of The Chef & The Dish Italian Cooking Classes to bring Italy to you.

Build an Epic Cheese Plate

45. Explore Ethnic Food Markets/Stores in Your Area

Get lost in a store where you can’t read the label. Its a blast to explore world markets when you don’t know what you’re looking at. So throw caution to the wine, close your eyes, grab something off the shelf, take it home and see what you can do with it.

Celebrate a food tradition that isn't yours

46. Cook a full meal on the BBQ (dessert too!)

Make the whole meal outside, side dishes and all.

Pick your own fruit

47. Eat Tapas for Dinner

Though there are traditional tapas like Spanish Tortilla, tapas are just small, more snackable sizes of dishes. So rather then have a big plate of one dish, fill your plate with all kinds of flavours. Tapa is all about your company, so indulge in a variety of small snacks and have a blast. Learn more about tapas and Spanish culture from Chef Ana Lopez Marin have a tapas party, Sangria and all!

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Dine at a nice restaurant all alone

48. Go Mushroom Hunting

This popular activity is a great way to find edible varieties near you.

Find your signature soup

49. Try a New Cheese

We love cheddar but experimenting with interesting new cheeses from different parts of the world is a great way to open your palette. And while camels milk cheese, popular in Ethiopia and UAE, may not be on your next cheese plate, broaden your cheesy horizons.

Find your signature soup

50. Have an Adult Pizza Party

At what age did we stop having pizza parties?! Lets bring them back but instead of soda and slab pizza, think more wine and handmade gourmet personal pizzas. Let everyone deck their own pizza and everyone get to try each other’s creations. Have fun with toppings like fig jam, sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto and fresh herbs.

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