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Live from Casablanca, Morocco


Star in the hit series MasterChef™ Morocco


Moroccan Chef Badr hales from the city of Casablanca.  He grew up in a family with great passion and love for his land and Moroccan food. His mother is considered a very famous chef in her region for her mastery of Moroccan cuisine. Lovingly referred to as “golden fingers”, he inherited the beautiful gift of cooking from her and fell in love with Moroccan cuisine as a child. Chef Badr studied the culinary arts and worked in several restaurants to develop and refine his skills. In 2018, he participated in the international culinary television hit "MasterChef" and was one of the most prominent competitors for the title Master Chef Morocco. It turned his life upside down. He is now known as one of the best chefs in Moroccan cuisine, and a staple on Moroccan television and social networking sites. Chef Badr is now on a journey and wants to bring traditional Moroccan cooking to the world and teach the world the best, most famous and delicious food that comes from his country. Join Chef Badr, live from Morocco, as he video calls you from his home in Casablanca, for a Moroccan experience that will transform your kitchen into a Moroccan restaurant for the day.



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