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Multi-Location Group Cooking Classes


Have co-workers between in Wisconsin and New Jersey? Perhaps your team works between NY, Atlanta and London?  The Chef & The Dish Multi-Location cooking classes are a perfect idea for a group event. 



Have some fun together, all in your own kitchen! Multi-location cooking classes with The Chef & The Dish give you and your crew a chance to connect in a fun class led by a world chef who will guide you through a super fun and interactive cultural cooking experience. Bring people together across multiple locations into one video chat where everyone can engage and cook up something great - in their own kitchen. At the end of your class, you'll have a great main dish and definitely have shared many laughs.


Cooking at home has never been so fun! Get private coaching from a chef watching and cooking with you and your team from the other side of the world!


Cook alongside your chef who's based in Italy, Thailand, Spain, Brazil, and more - via video conference. Your Multi-Location Cooking Class will be co-hosted by one of The Chef & The Dish Kitchen Assistants to help make this an experience you'll never forget. Simply contact us with your request, and we'll get your team cooking in no time. 


  • 1-1/2 hour Private Cooking Class for your group hosted by a World Chef in your own kitchens - via video conference
  • Kitchen Assistant co-host
  • Kitchen Assistant support that helps you prep for your experience, with help just an email away!

  • Personalized step-by-step coaching

  • An awesome authentic main course 

  • All your questions answered by a World Chef

  • Recipe Booklet to recreate your dish again and again!

*Cooking class start times differ depending on your location and the location of the chef. We have tens of classes perfectly suited for a class in your timezone.

Chef Paola Martinenghi



Master the art of traditional risotto with the help of Chef Paola Martinenghi. Paola graduated top of her class from the world’s most prestigious Italian culinary institute, ALMA, located in the heart of Parma, Italy. She went on to work for Michelin Star restaurant across the country. During this 1-1/2 hour class, you and your fellow teammates will learn the basics of risotto - and at the end of the class, you’ll have an amazing meal. Have fun, share stories and watch each other as you whip up one of Italy’s most iconic dishes.

CHEF Ana Lopez Marin



Every August the Valencia region of Spain hosts the legendary Tomatina Festival, where tomatoes are thrown at each other for fun. This was our chef’s inspiration. Learn three ways of preparing Spanish dishes with tomatoes, starting with a traditional Gazpacho, essential in Spanish culture. Next, is Pirinaca, a simple tomato and pepper salad, and finally Pan con Tomate an essential tapa. In this 1-1/2 hour class, you’ll learn simple and fundamental dishes and ideas on how to build upon them on your own. A blender or food processor is mandatory. This class is vegan!

Chef Gason Nelson

LOCATION: New Orleans


Visit New Orleans with Chef Gason Nelson, who will welcome you into his home in NOLA to teach you about the flavours of creole. In this class you’ll learn to make New Orleans Style “BBQ” Shrimp (no grill necessary!) This is a legendary dish that is all about the savoury sauce. Chef Gason Nelson is the private chef to NFL Players and A-List celebrities, in this class, you’ll hear about his restaurant adventures, and maybe even a story from the time he was on Food Network’s Chopped!

Chef Ted Fondulas

LOCATION: New England


Take a trip to New England to learn the fundamentals of Chowder. In your interactive class, you’ll make Fish Chowder together, a fundamental hearty soup - cozy enough for winter and but done properly, is light enough summer. Your class is lead by the incredible Chef Ted Fondulas, as featured in Conde Nast Traveller, and former chef owner of Hemmingways, a Food & Wine Top 25 Restaurants in America. 

CHEF Asli Mutlu



Turkish cuisine is a fascinating mix of Mediterranean mixed with Middle Eastern flavours. In your interactive class, you’ll make Turkish “Meatballs,” also known as Köfte topped with Turkish tomato sauce. This class will begin your journey cooking kebabs at home. Your class is lead by the incredible Asli Mutlu, as featured on CNBC World, Shane Dalia’s Spice Route, and countless local TV programs .

Chef Joy Piadamrong

LOCATION: Thailand


Thai food is a balance of senses, based in fresh ingredients and often cooked fast. In this class, you’ll master a fundamental dish, Thai Fried Rice. This dish is a foundational dish for any cook to master. Your class is hosted by expert Thai chef, Joy Piadamrong. Joy is the former owner of a noodle street food stall. She currently caters large groups, and teaches locals and tourists the essentials of Thai cooking on the beautiful island of Koh Tao, Thailand.

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