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Live from Koh Tao, Thailand


Former owner of Noodle Soup Stall in Thailand, Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence


Chef Joy started her professional cooking career after high school to help finance her journalism degree. She began helping her family business, preparing traditional Thai breakfast and lunch for commuters at the nearby bus station. After only three years, she started her own food business - a noodle soup street food stall.

Thailand is synonymous to street food - choices are enormous and competition is fierce. Only the stalls with the tastiest food survive, and hers thrived.  Soon her income surpassed what she ever could expect to earn as a journalist in Thailand. The choice was made. After a few years of hard work, Joy sold her food stall and decided to follow another passion of hers, travel.

After her travels to Nepal, the UK, and more - she returned to her homeland and began cooking again, including at a posh resort in Koh Tao and on a tourist yacht. After the birth of her first child, she decided it was time to begin her own venture, a cooking school, Thai Cooking with Joy. With her hundreds of 5-star reviews, the rest is now history.

Now, she can't wait to video conference into your kitchen and teach you all about the incredible food of her country, in her private cooking classes with The Chef & The Dish.



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