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Live from Bari, Italy


Michelin star restaurant chef having worked for Michelin restaurants in over 5 cities, graduated top of class from ALMA University


Chef Carlotta Martinelli lives in the south of Italy in the town of Bari. She began cooking at a young age with her nonna and fell in love with the rich traditions of pasta-making on the streets of her historic town.

Since then, she graduated top of her class from what's consider the world's most prestigious Italian culinary university - ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine located in Parma, Italy.

This whiz-kid, went on to work for several Michelin Star chefs in Rimini, Padua, Milan, Rome, London - and her native region, Puglia. She was most recently responsible for all seafood at the famed Due Camini. After 4 years of working towards the prized Michelin Star, they won it in 2018.

Carlotta believes food is a passport of which, you can travel the world. She's excited to bring you to her hometown of Bari, Italy in her cooking classes with The Chef & The Dish.



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